About me...
Hi, I'm Lisa Doyle. 
I am a First class honours 2020 graduate from BA(Hons) Photography at AUB. 
I am currently studying a Photography Masters Degree.
Born in West Sussex, I moved to university knowing only that I wanted to be a photographer. Since being at university I have been able to explore different genres of photography and train my eye.

I'm excited to share the art I have been working on, this is just the beginning!

All copyright and rights are held by the owner and creator of work. For T&Cs email me :)

Artist Statement:
Working with form, colour and texture, I am deconstructing the still life genre, as it is traditionally understood in historical and contemporary contexts and across different mediums.
Creating illusion is a key aspect of the work which challenges how objects can be seen to be manipulated. I want the viewer to question digital reality.
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