Ruckenfigur - A figure seen only from behind.
Often used as an artistic strategy in painting and photography. Ruckenfigur links back to early paintings such as Caspar David Friedrich's 'Der Wanderer Uber dem Nebelmeer'. 

This book was made in response to a unit brief in the second year of my BA(Hons) Photography degree. The book looked at pairings of people interact with one another. The book was printed on a matte 240gsm white fine art paper, this allowed the full attention to be on the images and the narrative created between images, without compromising on quality. 
The work that ran along side this 'Not all those who wander are lost' can be viewed as part of the diptych of books I created. The main differences between these books are the formats and the number of subjects. Ruckenfigur was created on a double page book to link with the use of pairings/ couples in the book, whereas 'Not all those...' is a single line of images, which links to the main subject being a single woman walking. 
Below are examples from the book: this includes the front cover and a selection of pages.
There were only 2 copies of Ruckenfigur created.
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